CAPER | Powering the Future Through Energy Research and Education

Rapid decarbonization of industries is placing a lot of challenges and impacts on the electric grid.

The electric grid must adapt and evolve to new and innovative forms of generation, new and innovative forms of loads and only through a new type of research can these challenges be met.

There is almost no more exciting engineering problem globally right now than the challenge of converting our currently reliable and affordable electrical energy supply system to one that is now constrained to be carbon neutral.

It requires collaboration with universities, with industry partners, as well as our key researchers to really address this future path. CAPER is doing that in a way that really educates students and provides them with the background that they need to be able to address this major societal shift.

It requires research that is highly collaborative, it requires research that is highly engaged with the industry and it requires research that engages young minds with new thinking and new ideas. CAPER stands for the Center for Advanced Power Engineering Research which is an industry and university consortium to resolve these new challenges we’re facing today.